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Gemma takes orange to a whole new level…

13 Jul

Now, my motto in life has always been “everything seems better when you’re tanned”, but I think TOWIE’s Gemma Collins took it a bit far last night…

After attending ITV’s summer party in London, Gem hopped in a rickshaw with co-star Ricky Rayment…I just can’t work out which was more orange; their mode of transport or Gemma’s make-up-free face!

Anyhoo, she looked happy; probably because she’s just launched her new plus-size clothing range, which will reportedly earn her a tidy million! It’s alright for some.




Joey Essex to release his own range of beauty products!

2 Apr

According to reports, Mr Essex has bagged himself a six figure deal that he hopes will make him the next TOWIE big-shot…

Let’s just hope this doesn’t mean he’ll be following in the footsteps of Mark Wright and Amy Childs and decide to leave the show!

Lauren Goodger recently brought out her own fake tan, so now Joey will be releasing his own range of hair care products, including spray, wax and JEL. (Gel…jel…get it? Oh, never mind.)

Lauren Goodger’s salon petrol bombed just after opening!

16 Feb

Uh oh.

Some nasty little hooded youths (I don’t know if they had hoods, or if they were youths; but I imagine the description isn’t far off) decided to petrol bomb the TOWIE star’s new salon the day after it was opened!

The salon offers all kinds of ‘blow jobs’…and no, you dirty minded little scoundrels, it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re talking blowdrys for your hair, that kind of thing.

Anyway, Lauren launched the shop yesterday and spent hours signing autographs for fans.

Luckily, the attack only did minimal damage.

Amy Childs’ show axed after first series!

27 Jan

Uh oh…

The tangoed ex TOWIE star’s fly on the wall documentary series, ‘It’s All About Amy’, has been cut after just 8 shows! Not surprising when you see the viewing rates had dropped to a quite honestly crap, 300,000!

A spokesman for Channel 5 said:

“The show was commissioned as an eight-part series looking at Amy Childs’ life in the period immediately after her successful stint in the Big Brother house. We are currently talking to Amy about other opportunities on the channel.”

But, a more jucier statement from an inside source revealed:

“The fly-on-the-wall format didn’t really work because there wasn’t a lot going on. TOWIE at least has a few different cast members, but watching Amy drive to TV studios and train her dogs was just tedious.”

I prefer that version if I’m honest. Let’s go with that.

Harry and Maria leave TOWIE!

10 Jan

I don’t know whether to be excited that plans for the next series are going ahead, or cry that two of the cast have decided to leave!

Harry and Maria both confirmed their exits today.

Maria tweeted;

“I would like to be the first to announce… After a rollercoaster year and after meeting with producers today we have decided that my time on TOWIE has come to an end. I am happy to be leaving the show on a high after 3 series and feel I am embarking on a new chapter in my life with exciting projects both personal and professional. Thank you for all your support during my time on the show and I hope to continue to keep you all entertained throughout 2012!!”

Harry also took to Twitter to reveal; “Hiya! I really did not want you to all find out so soon but its out there, I am not in TOWIE anymore as I am moving onto different things.”

Sad times.