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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson doesn’t help himself, does he?

14 Jul

1D have got a reputation as ungreatful, rude little divas at the minute, and Louis really hasn’t helped their situation this morning.

Rebecca Ferguson (remember her from The X Factor? Don’t forget, she’s also Zayn’s ex-girlfriend!) took to Twitter last night to express the anger she felt towards her management after they forced her to work constantly, even after her fainting from exhaustion.

But Louis ‘smart arse’ Tomlinson decided it appropriate to send her the following message on the social networking site, for his 4 and a half million followers to see: “@RebeccaFMusic success is impossible without proper hard work”

What an absolute bitch. And it seems the vast majority of his followers agree with me, apart from the ones who are still deluded and think they’re going to marry the idiot popstar.

It’s no secret that I can’t stand the One Direction boys, but seriously? Was there any need for this, whatsoever?

You’re not helping yourself lads, not in the slightest.