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Marvin and Rochelle are officially Mr and Mrs Humes!

27 Jul


At approximately 5pm today, my favourite man and his lady got hitched!

Marv and Rochelle tied the knot at the beauuuutiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL) Blenheim Palace, where fellow JLS members Aston, JB and Oritsè were ushers and fellow The Saturdays members Mollie, Vanessa, Frankie and Una were bridesmaids.

The whole team had personalised tracksuits, with their name and their ‘role’ underneath. And, as I blogged about 2 months ago, the girls followed their deal with Lipsy and their tracksuits were made by the brand, naturally.

The theme was black and white (as I told you before…see, I’m good, aren’t I) and guests included the likes of Olly Murs.

Rumour has it that Myleene skipped the big day to avoid any awkward confrontation with her ex husband, JLS security man Graham Quinn.

The exclusive wedding pictures will be published in Hello Magazine on Monday!

MASSIVE congratulations to Mr and Mrs Humes!



The Queen confides in JLS…

5 Jun

Today marks the Diamond Jubilee of The Queen, and, as you all saw, there was a concert last night in honour of her 60 years of reign with the biggest line-up the UK has ever seen.

After the show, she hosted a meet and greet session with every artist involved, and that included my favourite lads in pop, JLS!

“I saw you on the television, yes, while I was eating my dinner!” she told them, sending them into fits of laughter.

Awww, you see, so even The Queen is a JLS fan! Check out the video below.

Wait, One Direction who?

Marvin confirms: “The wedding is in the summer”

23 Feb

So my favourite lads in pop didn’t win their third BRIT on Tuesday night; but hey, they’ve got 2 already, not having a third is no skin off their perfectly preened little noses!

But during an interview with Capital FM, Marvin confirmed that he and Rochelle will tie the knot in the summer! When asked if this was his final time at the BRITs as a single man, he replied, “well yeah, the wedding’s in the summer so I suppose it is! Historic moment lads!”

During the interview, we also found out that Aston is in love with Rita Ora and “the woman from Cover Drive” (do we even know any of their names? No? Oh.)

“He’s been caught looking at her bum for the third time now; she’s pulling her dress down because she’s just caught him again!”

Cheeeeeeky Aston. Keep your knickers on!

Anyway, I can’t wait for Marv and Roch’s wedding; I’m assuming my invite’s in the post, yes Marv?

The pair are in this weeks Hello! mag, where they give their first exclusive interview as a couple, and spill the beans on the big proposal in the Maldives! Make sure you grab yourself a copy!

Check out the interview below:

JLS and One Direction confirm X Factor final mash-up!

8 Dec


My guilty pleasure and my not-at-all-guilty pleasure are joining forces for The X Factor final on Saturday at Wembley Arena!

Aston, Marvin, JB, Oritsé, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry will all be performing a mash-up of She Makes Me Wanna and What Makes You Beautiful!

I tweeted about it this morning, but JLS HQ were hot on my heels to confirm; “We are very excited to confirm that the boys will take to the stage on this Saturday’s X Factor with One Direction! The two groups will be performing a special mash-up of their hit singles!”

I can’t contain my excitement! Saturday needs to hurry it’s bum up!

This is the most exclamation marks I’ve used in a long time…I’ll stop now.

JLS are getting all Christmas-y!

25 Nov

Forget the fact it’s not even December,  the JLS boys have gone and got me right in the festive mood with their new video!

Ast starts of the proceedings with a bit of acting, where he’s meant to be babysitting his ‘cousins’ while his ‘aunty and uncle’ go out for the night.

But never the dull member, he proceeds to call Marv…never a wise idea, Aston!

Anyway, what you expect happens, happens. There’s a full-blown house party…until it snows outside and they go and have a nice little groove in it.

Oh, and then the aunty and uncle come back…only to be hit with a snowball.

Watch for yourself; I personally think it’s their best video yet!

Do You Feel What I Feel is released on January 1st 2012.

You know what they say about men with flash cars, Marvin…

21 Oct

Clearly being in the UK’s biggest boy band has its perks…

JLS members Aston and Marvin looked ever-so impressed with themselves as they flashed their new rides during a visit to London’s Playboy club last night. Ast rolled up in his pearly white Audi R8 V10 Spider, and Marv showed off his impressive parallel parking skills in a Mercedes SLS sports car, with the most ridiculously long bonnet I’ve ever seen.

The lads, along with fellow band mates JB Gill and Oritsé Williams are gearing up for their album release on November 14th.

Aston said; “We called the album Jukebox because there are all sorts of songs on there. We spent six months recording in London, LA and Copenhagen with only one rule – there would be no boundaries.

“There are songs on the album fans wouldn’t expect from us and songs that couldn’t be by anyone else. Vocally, we pushed ourselves more than ever before.

“You won’t have heard me sing higher, or Marvin lower, but there are also more complex harmonies. We weren’t scared to try anything out.”

I’m too excited! Their new single, Take a Chance on Me, is released on 6th November.

Oritsé ditches the L-plates

22 Jul

After months of practicing and perfecting his skills, Oritsé Williams of JLS has finally passed his driving test! He tweeted earlier, “Just PASSED my Driving Test!! #Yerboi ! Oritsé ☺☀♥ ”

And proud band mates Marvin and Aston were quick to tweet their excitement. Marvin said, “Watch out world! O Williams is now on the road!! Hahaha! Well done Ritse! Very proud!”

This is an example of bromance in its fullest effect, and I personally can’t wait to see what car he buys. Will he follow in Merrygold’s footsteps and purchase a lavish Audi R8, or will he opt for a less extravagant old banger for the knocks and bumps all new drivers expect? Only time will tell; but one thing’s for sure, JLS fans up and down the country are jumping with joy at the great news. Well done Oritsé!