Bieber knocks himself out, literallly.

1 Jun

It seems the teen heart-throb has made a bit of a boob of himself…

During a concert in Paris, he went to reach for a railing, but managed to headbutt the glass panel in front of it. But, not wanting to let his avid fans down, Biebs carried on and finished the concert like a right old trooper.

Talking about the hysterical situation, he said: “I hit my head on the glass and after that it really hurt and I felt a little light-headed, but my adrenalin pushed me through it and I performed the last song. After that I went off stage and immediately I felt really weak and I was walking down the stairs and I passed out for like fifteen seconds. I was like unresponsive and not talking, not anything. Finally I opened my eyes and I saw the doctor and he told me I had a concussion but still to relax.”

Oh to live the life of an over dramatic pop star.


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