Alexandra Burke ends it with Jermain Defoe after he cheats…again.

13 May

After it evolved that he slept with a model, it’s taken months for Alexandra to forgive Defoe. And it seems the usual footballer reputation has struck once again, as he’s now apparently slept with nurse, Kirsty Crummey.

Kirsty sold her story to The Sun (as they always do), giving details about the whole thing, which includes having sex in a walk in wardrobe. Classy.

Apparently, the pair first got it on, on March 30th last year, when the love rat called her to see if she wanted to come over. Defoe was enjoying a bowl of Coco Pops when she arrived, and finished them before taking her upstairs. What a gent.

“After a few minutes we moved to a spare room. I guess he felt more comfortable there because it didn’t feel so much like cheating. I didn’t want to hear about Alexandra and he never mentioned her. I guessed he was with her but I didn’t want to know the truth.”

A source said:  “Alex is heartbroken but she has ended it. It’s all over. They are not together any more. Alex thought Jermain might be the one but has now decided to move on with her life.”

Good girl.

Lesson of the day: beautiful footballers will never stay faithful. The end.


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