Kelly Rowland will NOT be returning to The X Factor…

30 Apr

It’s that time of year when everyone gets excited at the rumours of who will be the ‘next generation’ of judges…

But, today, Kelly has confirmed she WON’T be returning for the new series. Sob.

Her spokesperson said: “After much speculation, we can officially confirm today that Kelly Rowland has decided not to return as a judge again for this year’s UK X Factor.

“Global commitments coupled with the show’s increasing demands this year mean that, despite weeks of deliberation with the show, Kelly has not been able to agree a deal that fits into her autumn/winter schedule, so sadly cannot accept a place on the 2012 panel.

“Kelly thoroughly enjoyed her role as a judge on the show, but felt that if there couldn’t be a workable solution to scheduling issues, so that she could effectively juggle her other commitments then she couldn’t wholeheartedly commit to the show this year.”

Louis will be back, as usual, and Tulisa has said that although her place is yet to be confirmed, she wants to come back and defend her crown.

Danni Minogue has been rumoured to be rejoining, but nothing’s official yet, so watch this space!


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