Dappy arrested!

20 Apr

It seems the half-pint-sized, tea-cosy hat wearing ‘rapper’ forgets his manners quite a lot. Surprising, ey?

Back in February, it’s reported that Dappy and a friend pulled up in a Shell garage and approached 3 men and 2 women. They then asked the women to join them in their car, but when the offer was declined, one of them spat at the women.

6 men in 2 cars then arrived and a full-blown fight kicked off, leaving the 3 men, who were originally with the 2 women, assaulted with serious facial injuries.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police has said: “Police are investigating an incident which happened on the forecourt of the Shell garage in Woodbridge Road, Guildford, on Tuesday, February 28. Three men were assaulted and received serious facial injuries in the attack. A 27-year-old man and a 24-year-old man were both arrested on suspicion of affray.”

Not surprisingly, Dappy hasn’t commented. Probably because you can’t have phones in custody, so he can’t share the fact he’s a little peeved, like he normally does.


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