Jessie J comes face to face with her uncanny look-a-like

8 Mar

So Jessie’s currently filming for the new hit ITV show The Voice which is set to be aired later in the year. But during one of the sessions, Jessie spotted something strange in the audience….herself!

Ok, so it wasn’t HERSELF, but instead her uncanny look-a-like, Melissa. Jessie joked, ““Oh my God, you’re freaking me out!”

Normally, I can never see the resemblance between these impersonators and the stars…I mean, do I even need to mention the whole “Bigger than Beyoncé” saga? But these two look strangely similar.

And it got even weirder when I found out that they’re both the same age and both suffered from the heart defect at the age of 11…


Melissa has even confused Jessie’s management before when they mistook her for the superstar herself! She said;

“He told me, ‘What are you doing here? We need to get you to the performers’ entrance.’ ”

She went on to say;

“The resemblance is more than uncanny — we look like identical twins. I sent  a picture of myself to a lookalike agency and the boss called to say, ‘We need a  picture of you, not Jessie J.’ People ask me for my autograph in the street.”

“But there is one big difference between us — I can’t sing a note.”


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