Mollie King and David Gandy split…

14 Feb

It’s no secret that Mollie and David made a beautiful couple, so when David told an interviewer a few months ago: “We don’t need to worry about the future when we’ll be spending the next 40 years together. I can definitely see us lasting that long”, I genuinely thought they’d have some seriously adorable children.

But it seems that ridiculously rich David jinxed the relationship, as the pair have now revealed that they’ve decided to go their separate ways.

He said:

“Sadly me and Mollie have split. It just wasn’t the right timing and we were both so busy. I have been over in the States three times this month and a relationship can’t take that.

“Mollie is an incredibly beautiful, lovely girl and so grounded. But it just didn’t work out. Maybe in a few years when we are at different stages in our career we can make it work.”

No doubt Mollie will have plenty to keep her mind occupied though; she’s just flown over to The States with her band mates (minus heavily pregnant Una, who is probably about to drop any time soon).


One Response to “Mollie King and David Gandy split…”

  1. TayabIqbal February 15, 2012 at 3:48 PM #

    Fail on his part – she’s amazing!

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