Mark and Lauren are back on…*yawn*

19 Dec

I’d say I was shocked….but we all saw this coming a mile off.

They swore they’d never get back together, but it looks like the feisty pair have decided to rekindle their ‘romance’.

They both arrived back to Mark’s flat in a taxi after a night out in Essex club, Faces.

But this is where it gets strange….even though they arrived together, Mark let himself in first, only to then throw the key to Lauren from the upstairs window so she too could let herself in. Awkward when she didn’t catch and had to scramble around the floor trying to find it.

She had a little spurt in The Daily Star, saying “I’ve been staying over at Mark’s for the last week. I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”

She was seen taking the walk of shame the morning after. Although, I’m sure she’d see it as a stroll of success…


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