Complete crisis for ITV as X Factor threatens to go into meltdown

29 Oct

Last week we saw Tulisa and Kelly blow up a storm over contestant Misha Bryan, resulting in the two not talking. Straight after the results show on Sunday night, Kelly flew straight to the US due to “work commitments” .. ahem…

And now it’s just been confirmed that she will not appear this weekend due to a “sore throat” … *cough*

ITV bosses managed to get Alexandra Burke fill her place though, after a right ol’ kafuffle.

Then, just as we thought everything was sorted, The Risk star Ashley John-Baptiste announced late Thursday night he was quitting the band due to him “not seeing [his] future in a boy band.” The others were miffed, and I don’t blame them.

And to add to the drama, Nu Vibe star Ashford Campbell has now joined The Risk, creating a 4-piece once again. Sheesh.

At least Rhythmix haven’t decided to change their name again; they’re still Little Mix…

See the shenanigans unfold tonight…good luck trying to explain this lot, Dermot!


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