Tulisa and The Risk hit Whisky Mist

24 Oct

If you watched The X Factor last night, you wouldn’t have done much to realise the tension between Tulisa and Kelly, proving that some kind of shiz was going down.

It seems Kelly’s a bit pissed with the whole ‘Misha’s a bully’ situation, and doesn’t feel that Tulisa needs to stick her nose in anyone else’s business. “Tulisa has been in this industry five minutes and I’ve been at the top of the game for years. If she wants to throw my advice back in my face that’s her loss. She’s acting like a spoilt brat,” she said. Ouch!

But you know our T; she doesn’t let anyone get the better of her. She fought her corner, saying: “She needs to butt out of my business. If she thinks I’m not capable of this she’s stupid. She may have been in Destiny’s Child, but that’s history. Kelly’s got no idea about the UK market.” Put your claws away ladies…

Anyway, Tulisa put on her ‘BangBang shoes’ and hit the town with Rhythmix, The Risk, Marcus Collins and Sophie Habibis after the show last night.

OH…and my favourite human, Lucien Laviscount, was also at the club. A nice excuse to include a picture of him….


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