You know what they say about men with flash cars, Marvin…

21 Oct

Clearly being in the UK’s biggest boy band has its perks…

JLS members Aston and Marvin looked ever-so impressed with themselves as they flashed their new rides during a visit to London’s Playboy club last night. Ast rolled up in his pearly white Audi R8 V10 Spider, and Marv showed off his impressive parallel parking skills in a Mercedes SLS sports car, with the most ridiculously long bonnet I’ve ever seen.

The lads, along with fellow band mates JB Gill and Oritsé Williams are gearing up for their album release on November 14th.

Aston said; “We called the album Jukebox because there are all sorts of songs on there. We spent six months recording in London, LA and Copenhagen with only one rule – there would be no boundaries.

“There are songs on the album fans wouldn’t expect from us and songs that couldn’t be by anyone else. Vocally, we pushed ourselves more than ever before.

“You won’t have heard me sing higher, or Marvin lower, but there are also more complex harmonies. We weren’t scared to try anything out.”

I’m too excited! Their new single, Take a Chance on Me, is released on 6th November.


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