Alex and Chantelle; “Our marriage will last”

21 Oct

And I’m guessing they mean that it’ll last more than the 5 minutes their previous relationships have…

Alex clearly forgot he was still legally bound to Katie Price when he decided to make the cringiest proposal to Chantelle live on Irish television, but none-the-less, she agreed and the pair are probably ‘happier than ever.’

“I was married to Preston and Alex was married to Katie and we both said forever. Right now, we want to be together forever but you don’t know what’s going to happen in 20 years” said Chantelle in an interview with OK! this week.

“When we were at the altar, Preston was going boss-eyed for a joke while I was saying my vows and that tainted it for me.”

“Me and Alex have been through tough marriages and I know Alex would never do that. He takes marriage seriously too.”

Alex then chipped in;

“Absolutely. Katie rolled her eyes when I was saying my vows. We both know what it feels like to be in dysfunctional relationships and we’ve learnt and become better people.”

Oh bless. They’re clearly doing things different this time. For a start, they haven’t done any TV appearances or magazine deals….oh wait…


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