Sugar Hut’s Sugar Daddy

3 Oct

Despite his expanding waistline and silvering hair, Mick Norcross has found himself a lady half his age; 25-year-old Maria Fowler!

The TOWIE stars were strangely love-matched one last weeks show when Gemma Collins, who has recently lost over three stone in weight, headed a single’s night at Mick’s club Sugar Hut.

But this little romance has got eyebrows raising, and with Maria said to be “fuming” over her lack of airtime, it could be that there’s more to meet the eye with these two.

And it’s not surprising that Mick’s son, 23-year-old Kirk, isn’t too happy with his new step-mum. The pair had more than a few differences on the last series of the show, where Kirk labelled Maria as “just an extra”. Not to mention the fact that he’s a hell of a lot more age suited to his dad’s new lady.

Many questions beckon. Is this a showmance or a romance? And is Mick set to be the new ‘silver fox’? You decide…




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