Oooo…Pandre’s got a secret girlfriend!

28 Sep

He’s been trying to keep it secret for months but it seems that our favourite Aussie hunk has got himself a new lady!

Kristina Macmillan may be 12 years his junior, but the two have recently enjoyed trips to Egypt and Marbella after meeting when Kristina became a dancer on his latest tour.

Pete told New! magazine earlier this month, ‘I don’t  want to say if it’s on or off as I just don’t know what I want. I could end up going on a date with her next week. Who knows?’

But a source told the magazine that their relationship was ‘more off than on’.

“Pete and  Kristina were seeing each other, but they’re not right now. Luckily, they’re still really good friends and there’s no awkwardness between them. Pete thinks she’s a beautiful girl, but it’s one of those situations where they’re probably better off as friends than as lovers.”

Well whatever’s happening, Kristina isn’t scared of taking to Twitter to post pictures of the pair.

Fingers crossed things go well; we all love Pete!


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