TOWIE shock; “Yes, I aborted Mark’s baby”

27 Sep

It was obvious from the get-go that TOWIE stars Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright were completely wrong for each other, so when the pair split a lot of us breathed a sigh of relief.

But it seems that what we saw on the surface wasn’t all that was going on. Lauren revealed to OK! magazine, “I was late once and I think it was the stress of  what was going on. I’ve been pregnant before with his baby but I chose not to
have it. I was only 20. No one knows except my close family.”

And shock horror, the pair took to Twitter to indirectly tweet about each other, making the rest of us feel slightly awkward…

Mark posted, ‘After all those years. Disgraceful if u ask me. What money does 4 some people.’

She hastily replied, “Karma gets us all that’s y u hav done loads interviews on me last 3weeks!!Lyin also!u r the money grabber not me Im aloud 2 stick up 4myself.”

She added: “Hav some class I never tweeted once when bullied about me in 100 interviews I’ve held my dignity,cos I’ve stuck up for myself u don’t like it!”

If you ask me, the pair need to learn how to spell before either of them go any further…



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