A little gossip from the filming of the JLS O2 priority tickets advert

2 Sep

So now it’s been premiered I can tell you all about it!

Mention the letters JLS to a group of girls and one of them might faint. You think I’m joking; I’ve witnessed fainting at the sight of them. Seriously. But on the 29th July I was asked to be a part of filming for an advert with the lads themselves and grabbed the opportunity, and their pert little bums*, with both hands.

Arriving at the O2 arena at 7.45am, I didn’t have a clue what to expect. There were about 100 girls there altogether and, after signing confidentiality agreements and being told how Twitter was banned for the day *gasp*, we were shown backstage to wardrobe, and hair and make-up. 2 hours later we were shown to set, still unaware of just what we had to do…

“Run. Chase them. Cry, scream, jump, push. Remember, today you’re crazy mad fans trying to catch them and hunt them down.” That was the brief I was given…..a little awkward when you’re outside of the arena with the public watching your every move!

We chased them through alleyways, through tunnels, over motorway bridges and backstage for over 13 hours, doing about 30-40 takes in all! We must have run for miles and miles. No exaggeration.

Throughout filming we had banter with the lads walking from set to set. I’ve met them many times before but I have to tell you that they’re the most down to earth, genuine guys you’ll ever meet. They happily posed for pictures and joked with us about how “slow [we were] running”…..errr, rude!

Although hardly any of us made the final cut, the advert still looks brilliant and the experience is something I’ll never forget! So thanks to JLS and the team for making it happen!

*Clearly I didn’t actually grab their gluteus maximus. I did, however, have a laugh with Aston and Marvin after threatening and to pull down their ridiculously low drop-crotch jeans. We love the banter!

Here are a few exclusive pictures I took on set;

You can watch the video below:


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