All the shenanigans from X Factor Bootcamp: My verdict on who’s hot, and who’s not

19 Aug


This year’s boot camp was held at Wembley Arena, and I, being the lucky devil I am, managed to get hold of tickets that gave me access into audience!

I promised you some gossip, and hopefully this won’t disappoint!

First of all, let’s start with the judges. Tulisa is my favourite. I’ll put that out there. And all these rumours about her ‘changing’ and ‘wanting to be like Cheryl’ are totally rubbish; she’s completely herself, and the audience love it! It’s nice to have a judge from across the seas too, in the form of Kelly Rowland. But I’ve got to admit, when some of the contestants announced they were singing her hits such as ‘Survivor’ and ‘When Love Takes Over’, her responses made me cringe a little! But she’s got a heart of gold and doesn’t disappoint! Gary Barlow is handsome, isn’t he?! The northern charm shone through as he laughed with fans in the audience and joked with the contestants. And then there’s Louis, who is just pure GOLD. Louis is Louis. There’s nothing more to say!

Contestant time! Now, the judges have put together about 5 bands formed of solo auditionees. Some of them work, but some of them make you raise your eyebrow. The best of the bands? Without a shadow of a doubt it was girl band ‘Faux Pas’  who amazed me with their rendition of Kelly’s ‘Survivor’ hit record. Beat boxing and flawless vocals….this is a big statement but I genuinely believe they could be potential winners this year!

Boy band ‘The Risk’ were also put together, and includes the public’s favourite Marlon Mckenzie. There are a few gorgeous members of that group….excuse me while I swoon. Other boy bands include ‘Nu Vibe’ and ‘Brooklyn’. They all get my seal of approval without a doubt. The groups category is the strongest by far this year, and I don’t know how they’ll choose who gets through to the live shows….it’ll be a tough decision.

I got speaking to a few lads in the queue and found out that they were actually the friends and family of Mancunian contestant Misha Bryan. She was the first to perform and she was incredible. Watch out for that name; something tells me we’ll be seeing a lot more of her! Liverpudlian Gemma also impressed, as well as Sophie and Natalie (you won’t miss her; she has the biggest hair I’ve ever seen!)

Essex cheeky chap Joe got a standing ovation, as well as James and Liverpudlian Marcus. Tulisa rightly pointed out that Joe would be the “ladies favourite”, and she isn’t wrong! He reminded me of a mixture of Jeff Brasier, Olly Murs and almost a little bit of Joey Essex. Reem.

And now for the not so good. Keep your eyes peeled for David. You won’t miss him. He came on trying to be funny; taking his clothes off and prancing around the stage like a right plank. Production told the audience off for booing him……say no more! Also, I can’t remember what her name is, but look out for a woman in a see-through silver swimming costume. I won’t ruin it for you, but she has LCD lighting attached to her. You wouldn’t lose her in the dark, put it that way!

So there we have it. My verdict on this year’s contestants. Olly and Caroline were there recording for The Xtra Factor, and it looks like Dermot is the presenter once again as he made his appearances throughout the day.

If I were you, I’d be excited to see it! The auditions hit our screens tomorrow!

Here’s a couple of photos of Dermot and the judges; bear in mind I had to be sneaky to get them, so I apologise for the blur!


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