It’s a hard life; Ashley Cole hires £1000 a day SAS guard

4 Aug

Poor old Ashley. Just imagine how hard it must be for him; getting millions a year from current football club Chelsea AND having to remain monogamous?

In a last-ditch attempt to win his ex-wife back, Ashley Cole has hired himself an SAS bodyguard to keep ‘over excited’ fans at bay. He claims it’s to “protect himself from himself”, and hopes it will prove to Cheryl that he deserves another chance.

‘He knows that if he’s let loose on fans on his own he might repeat his same old mistakes. And he doesn’t want to be exposed in kiss-and-tells that will mess things up for good with Cheryl. He thinks it’s a good investment if it keeps him on the straight and narrow.’

Cole has been linked to a string of girls, including air hostess Kerry Meades.

A friend said he wants his ‘tainted public image’ to be restored. Hate to break it to you Ashley, but it seems to me like it’s too little, too late.


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