Single Review: JLS feat. Dev; She Makes Me Wanna

1 Aug

In a nutshell:

Those preened and plucked JLS lads are back, and boy are they back with a bang…oh, and American rapper, Dev, of course. They’re basically telling everyone just what that girl makes them want to do. Oh oh oh oh oh oh indeed.

What’s it like?

With a catchy beat, and a banger of a bridge (surprising how I know the technical terms), this  summer anthem is bound to be a hit in the clubs and on the beaches in holiday destinations worldwide. Lyrics such as, “Direct me to the floor, and turn it up some more” might get eyebrows raising, but Aston, Marvin, JB and Oritsé can’t do much wrong to be honest. Seems like their risks are paying off, and no doubt it’ll get to number one in the charts with the help of their army of adoring fans. 

What’s right with it?

They’ve collaborated with Dev and US hot-shot producer RedOne…ooo-errr, a certain 4-piece are going up in the world! A fresh new sound with beach club vibes; this one’s going to be a smash!

What’s wrong with it?

The breakdown, courtesy of Dev, doesn’t seem to make sense in my head, mentioning “drinking bubblegum drinks” and “counting all our monies.” If that’s what a party on the beach with JLS entails, then I definitely say I need to gain some experience…


The first single off their highly anticipated new album and it doesn’t let the side down. Collaboration with a US megastar? Check. A video with plenty of torso on a beach? Check. Turn it up and dance around in your undies. We’ve found our tune for the summer!


One Response to “Single Review: JLS feat. Dev; She Makes Me Wanna”

  1. kayleehumes August 1, 2011 at 4:31 PM #

    i love them soo much and it gets me up and dancing it makes me feel soo happy the boys always know what to deliver to there fans thats one of the reasons i love them sooo much xx

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