Cher gets the Cole shoulder

1 Aug

She’s the human version of Marmite. You either love her or hate her. Love her and you become one of her ‘Brats’, but hate her and you get name checked in her newly released single, Swagger Jagger.  And after coming third in 2010’s X Factor, you’d have thought that she would have been the best of friends with her canny mentor, Cheryl Cole. “You’re right up my street. I love ya!” beamed Chez after Lloyd’s first audition. But speaking out in a recent magazine interview, Cher has revealed that she would “win the lottery” before speaking to her mentor again.

It’s even thought that the pair have not spoken since the competition ended in December. The singer told the magazine, “I never even got Cheryl’s number in the first place.”

She also responded to rumours that rapper Will.I.Am had pulled their collaboration from her debut album after the whole Cheryl US X Factor situation. “Do you know what?” she began, “I don’t know the full details about that unfortunately. And do you know what? I’m not even that fussed about it, and I’m not afraid to say I’m not fussed about it.”

You hear that Will.I.Am? She’s not fussed. Did that cut you deep? No? Oh….

Swagger Jagger is currently Number 1 in the Big Top 40 iTunes chart.


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