You can’t mistake their Chimology

20 Jul

With Cheryl’s Louboutins free of the US X Factor’s desk, she met up with fellow Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh to let her hair down and party the night away.

The pair also met with Cheryl’s ex boyfriend, dancer Derek Hough. Hough was said to be around Cheryl all night, like a lost puppy wanting attention from it’s mother. “It was clear to see he wasn’t getting ANY of her” tweeted an on-looker.

Cheryl has been rumoured to be rekindling her romance with ex husband, love rat Ashley Cole. However, not so shocking revalations that Ashley was sleeping around just weeks before he and Cheryl decided to give it another go may have turned the tables. Who knows. All we know is that he needs to learn to keep it in his white y-fronts, and fast.

In other news, Girls Aloud’s Irish member Nadine Coyle has confirmed that the band will “reunite in 2012 for [their] 10th anniversary.” So, it looks like Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine, Nicola and Sarah will be back on the road before long with a new album under their belts. I personally can’t wait……the UK’s biggest girlband on their comeback tour? Now THAT’s Something Kinda Oooooh!


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