David reveals the background of Harper Seven

19 Jul

After the long-awaited birth of baby Beckham #4, we were all keen to hear what David and Victoria had named their bundle of joy. And when it was revealed that she was, in fact, called Harper Seven, it left some fans with raised eyebrows.

But David took time out of his training with LA Galaxy today to release a video on his Facebook page to tell the world what they had been waiting to hear; why exactly did they choose THOSE names?

“Harper is an old English name which we loved,” he says, ” and Victoria’s favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee – it is a passionate strong book.”

“And seven – a lot of people assume seven is my shirt number. Part of it is but that was not the main reason. It symbolises spiritual perfection, the seven wonders of the world, seven colours of the rainbow and in many countries around the world it is regarded as lucky.”

So that’s that cleared up. David also wore pink football boots to represent his daughter during training; the cutest story of the day.


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